App Privacy Policy

Summary for anyone not wanting to read the full policy:

The app does not collect personal information for any reason other than the app’s function. The data it does collect for the app’s use is not transmitted or stored outside the app and is only stored on your mobile device for your convenience. Deleting the app removes all personal data that the app has stored.

At no point is your location or the tracking devices’ numbers linked to you or any other person other than being present on your mobile device.

More detailed policy for a bit of light reading matter:

This policy covers the following areas

  • what information we might collect about you
  • how we might use that information
  • when we might use your details to contact you
  • what information of yours we might share with others
  • your choices about the personal information you give us

What information we might collect from you

We do not collect any personal information from you via the app.

The app accesses your location, when requested, to allow it to generate the correct sms messages for you to send to your selected tracking device but this information is not collected or stored outside the app’s use and is an intrinsic part of the app’s functionality. You may send your location to the tracker via SMS as part of it’s normal “stockade” operation or store that location as part of a saved “stockade” position for later use.

The app accesses your contacts when you want to create and/or configure a new device in the app. This allows you to populate the device name and it’s telephone number from your contacts if you’ve already created a contact for it. The information is stored in the app for subsequent use and having the telephone number for the tracker device is an intrinsic part of the app’s function.

It’s not easy to send an SMS to a device or call it to get a location without knowing it’s phone number ! This information is contained entirely within the app and is not transmitted to any third party other than your tracker via sms which is a function of your devices’ operating system.

The app performs some low level tracking that monitors app use however as part of this process it does not transmit, store or use any of your personal information.

How we might use that information

We do not use any of the personal information the app accesses outside the functions of the app itself and the information is not supplied or transmitted to a third party.

All the data that the app collects is  necessary for the app to function. The telephone number of the tracker device is necessary for it’s function and the latitude/longitude of your location forms the foundation for the stockade control messages that you send to the tracker.

When we might use your details to contact you

We will not use your details to contact you at any time.

What information of yours we might share with others

We do not share your information with others.

Your choices about the personal information you give us

You can choose to delete the app, devices or stockades and doing so will remove all data the app holds. That is the sum of all data held on you so deleting the app removes all data.