Android support ?

It is very much in the early stages but work has started on an Android version of the app. I’ll be making the Android version available for testers in the next few months.

The Android version of the app is expected to have the same functionality as the existing iOS app although Google’s map licensing restrictions may mean some of the user interface options have to be dropped – I’m still investigating alternatives at the moment.

The Android version of the app will use the same device definitions as the iOS app so the two apps will support exactly the same range of devices and will “auto update” as and when new devices are added or existing ones changed.

If you’d like to be added to the Android test group, please use the contact us page with the subject “Android Testing” and you’ll be notified as soon as a suitable test build is available. If you can include your device type(s) in the request and the Android version number you are running, that will be a great help.

Device Definition Changes

The latest version of iOS TKController is nearing completion and should be submitted to the app store in the next week or so. This is very much a “behind the scenes” update  as the vast majority of the changes are to do with the way the app loads it’s device definitions rather than anything immediately visible to the end users.

The new device definitions and the way they are stored and updated should lay the foundation for new features in the future including user custom devices.