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To fully understand the revision and manufacturer of your device, including a link to the manual for your specific tracker device will be a great help.

You can also send a message via our Facebook page… this is usually the quickest way to get a response as the email form below generates 20 spam messages for every genuine one and genuine ones often go unnoticed as a result.


This web site provides support for an app that makes it easier for you to control a tracker device by composing SMS messages.

We DO NOT manufacture or supply tracker devices and cannot give any support for the device.

If you do not select the right device type then the app will not send the correct message format. Either choose the correct device or send me a copy of the manual and I will create a new type for you.

Every time someone leaves a bad review for the app I become less inclined to continue supporting it. Every time someone leaves a good review for the app, I feel enthused and look at adding new features. Think about that before posting crap reviews because you can’t figure out what device type you have and blame the app for your own inadequacies.

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