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TKController (iOS) v1.4.1

This is currently awaiting review by Apple prior to release. It contains a number of changes, primarily to fix a few UI glitches that are evident on iOS 8 and above.
I’ve also changed the banner source to Google, in line with the Android app, as Apple have discontinued their banner service. The banner revenue is vital for the app to continue at the moment as it needs to cover the cost of the web server that hosts this site and provides the device definitions to the app.

Android App v1.0.0 Released

TKController, control your GPS/SMS tracker simply and easily

Following a brief beta test with no negative feedback, I’ve now released the app into the live environment on the Google Play store.

The Android app has all the features of the iOS app. It’s not been optimised for tablet use as yet, that’s something I’ll look at after the next iOS release.

If you find the app useful, please rate it/review it in the store, if you have any problems with the app please submit problem reports through the Contact Us page. I can’t really help with problems outside the app such as devices not responding to SMS messages etc… If your device uses an SMS message format or features not available in one of the current device types in the app, please let me know and, if at all possible, include a link to the manual for your device.