Version 1.4 (698)

Updated to iOS 8.3
Device library definitions now stored in core data allowing more flexibility in future feature support.
A number of minor bug fixes were implemented.

5 thoughts on “Version 1.4 (698)”

  1. I’ve received a couple of reports of device definitions being incorrect following this update. It looks as if the definitions were transposed during the update and I’m working through them now to correct this.

  2. I’ve been through and amended the device configurations and all should now be working correctly.

    1. It sounds as if your app hasn’t updated itself against the new data. Make sure the app can connect to the internet when you launch it. You can also force an update by using the “Reload devices” button on the device information page.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for this app, it makes it very easy to pilot my TK102-2 ! Please could you explain to me how the GPS accuracy works in the app, it does not require sms nor gsm data, so how does it calculates this ?
    Thanks !

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