Google Did it Again…

So, once again, Google in their wisdom have decided to remove the app from the Play Store for no good reason.

In order to get the app reinstated I will need to make a number of changes to it, test it, upload it and it may then get removed again as it’s completely unclear if the app can actually function and still be allowed by Google.

In summary, Google have removed the app because it sends SMS messages and have said that is no longer allowed. That has a pretty major impact on the app’s main function !

I’ll revisit the app and see what work will be required in August as I’ll have some spare time due to losing my job.

One thought on “Google Did it Again…”

  1. Google should allow this, as it is a major function of the app.
    There might be some workaround.
    One workaround could be to make the app available for sideloading.
    I hope you will succeed.
    Best regards.

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