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Google Did it Again…

So, once again, Google in their wisdom have decided to remove the app from the Play Store for no good reason.

In order to get the app reinstated I will need to make a number of changes to it, test it, upload it and it may then get removed again as it’s completely unclear if the app can actually function and still be allowed by Google.

In summary, Google have removed the app because it sends SMS messages and have said that is no longer allowed. That has a pretty major impact on the app’s main function !

I’ll revisit the app and see what work will be required in August as I’ll have some spare time due to losing my job.

App reinstated on Google Play

By Google - File:Android robot.svg,, CC BY 3.0, on from my last post I’ve reviewed the app’s status and what would be required to get it back on the play store to comply with Google’s latest requirements.

It seems that I could add a privacy policy to the web site and link to that from the Google Play listing and resubmit the app. So, I put together a privacy policy, resubmitted the app and it was accepted with the new privacy policy.

I’ll add a link to the privacy policy from within the app in the next release but, for the moment at least, the Android app is available again.


Google removed the app from the store

Just to let Android users know, the app is no longer available on the Play Store because Google removed it without warning and with no justification.

I have decided to review the future of the app to see if it’s worth continuing supporting the Android version or not. The Android app generates far less revenue than the iOS version and gives me the most grief from users who haven’t a clue what the app does or how it does it.

I will take a few days to consider if i can be bothered to continue supporting it on the Android platform but at the moment it seems to be a lot of work for no real reward, monetary or otherwise.

Android App v1.0.0 Released

TKController, control your GPS/SMS tracker simply and easily

Following a brief beta test with no negative feedback, I’ve now released the app into the live environment on the Google Play store.

The Android app has all the features of the iOS app. It’s not been optimised for tablet use as yet, that’s something I’ll look at after the next iOS release.

If you find the app useful, please rate it/review it in the store, if you have any problems with the app please submit problem reports through the Contact Us page. I can’t really help with problems outside the app such as devices not responding to SMS messages etc… If your device uses an SMS message format or features not available in one of the current device types in the app, please let me know and, if at all possible, include a link to the manual for your device.

Android Beta Testing

By Google - File:Android robot.svg,, CC BY 3.0, took a while but it got there in the end !

I’ve submitted the first version of the Android app to the Play Store for beta testing. I’ve tested the app myself but I only have a single Android device to test with so feedback, both positive and negative from the beta testers is encouraged.

Please make sure any results from the beta test are accompanied by your Android device details as well – Model, Android version and so on. The more information I have the quicker I can resolve any issues.

This is my first Android project so please be gentle with me…

All those that have contacted me previously regarding an Android version of the app should receive an invitation email from Google in the next 24 hours. If you’d like to sign up for beta testing use the contact form or leave a comment on this post.

Android App Progress

Android app map viewI’ve managed to get some more time to work on the Android app this last week or so and made some real progress. It’s very close to being ready for beta test now with just one more settings page to complete.

The bulk of the work has gone into the map view handling from both the main screen and the saved stockades screen. The app now passes all the unit tests I’ve created for these so I can now move onto the last two outstanding items.
All those that have requested beta access or expressed an interest in the Android version will be notified as soon as it is available for testing. I’d anticipate the app being made publicly available within a couple of weeks of the beta test starting, providing feedback is favourable !

Android App Started

Android App ScreenshotI’ve spent my spare time during the last couple of weeks starting the development of an Android version of the TKController App. I’m targeting it to run on any device running API 16 or higher (Jelly Bean). I only have a single real device to test and develop it on (Samsung S5) and so far development is progressing well.

I’m not sure what the timescales will be to release as this is very much a hobby app and work and other commitments will mean that the amount of time I can devote to it will vary.

The Android App will have pretty much the same functionality as the iOS App. The two apps will also share the device data so as new device support is added or amended then the apps on both platforms will update.

iOS Version 1.4

1.4 has been available for beta testers for a while now and seems to be stable and hopefully existing users will not see much immediate difference from the old version.

There are, however, a large number of changes in the core of the app that will allow me to add new devices and roll out new definitions in a much better way than previous methods that were a bit hit and miss due to caching problems.

This also lays the foundation for functions that will allow users to customise their own device definitions. I’m still working on the UX for that and am still not sure if this should be offered as part of the “pro” version or the current free version.

I’m submitting version 1.4 to the app store for review this evening so it should start rolling out to end users in the next week or so.

Android support ?

It is very much in the early stages but work has started on an Android version of the app. I’ll be making the Android version available for testers in the next few months.

The Android version of the app is expected to have the same functionality as the existing iOS app although Google’s map licensing restrictions may mean some of the user interface options have to be dropped – I’m still investigating alternatives at the moment.

The Android version of the app will use the same device definitions as the iOS app so the two apps will support exactly the same range of devices and will “auto update” as and when new devices are added or existing ones changed.

If you’d like to be added to the Android test group, please use the contact us page with the subject “Android Testing” and you’ll be notified as soon as a suitable test build is available. If you can include your device type(s) in the request and the Android version number you are running, that will be a great help.

Device Definition Changes

The latest version of iOS TKController is nearing completion and should be submitted to the app store in the next week or so. This is very much a “behind the scenes” update  as the vast majority of the changes are to do with the way the app loads it’s device definitions rather than anything immediately visible to the end users.

The new device definitions and the way they are stored and updated should lay the foundation for new features in the future including user custom devices.