App reinstated on Google Play

By Google - File:Android robot.svg,, CC BY 3.0, on from my last post I’ve reviewed the app’s status and what would be required to get it back on the play store to comply with Google’s latest requirements.

It seems that I could add a privacy policy to the web site and link to that from the Google Play listing and resubmit the app. So, I put together a privacy policy, resubmitted the app and it was accepted with the new privacy policy.

I’ll add a link to the privacy policy from within the app in the next release but, for the moment at least, the Android app is available again.


Google removed the app from the store

Just to let Android users know, the app is no longer available on the Play Store because Google removed it without warning and with no justification.

I have decided to review the future of the app to see if it’s worth continuing supporting the Android version or not. The Android app generates far less revenue than the iOS version and gives me the most grief from users who haven’t a clue what the app does or how it does it.

I will take a few days to consider if i can be bothered to continue supporting it on the Android platform but at the moment it seems to be a lot of work for no real reward, monetary or otherwise.