Pro Version ?

I’d be interested in feedback and suggestions regarding a possible “pro” version of the app.

My current “wish list” is this…

The “pro” app would be a paid for app, a small amount, say £0.49 or equivalent. Hopefully the revenue from this would cover the cost of the Apple developer license and web site hosting.

It would not have banner advertising.

Users of the pro app would be able to create their own custom devices and commands within the app. This would include the ability to define the use, visibility and title of all the buttons.

Users of the pro app can submit their custom device definitions for other app users (pro and free) to use. These would be checked prior to being made publicly available.

Users of the pro app will be able to share their custom devices, via email or posted on forums, with other pro users (possibly free users too) who can install them  in their app.

7 thoughts on “Pro Version ?”

  1. I’d like to have a add free version at that cost mentioned by you. But prior to that I’d like to see the app supporting for iPhone 6 plus

  2. I pay for pro version new Android app is spot on love geo fence that works best don’t even need other programs for PC or turn on gprs just leave it as SMS and you get to do lot more even move works can even do a track is not bad aswell can text every second or minutes to track it from A to B only thing I can not do is activate is vibrate my is shock

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