Byte TK 104

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 18.45.30This is a very similar device to the Byte TK 102B and uses almost all the same commands.

The main difference from the app’s point of view is that, being specifically for use in vehicles, it has the ability to remotely switch a relay. With the correct installation the relay can be used to enable and disable the vehicle by cutting power to the fuel pump or another circuit that the engine relies on to run.

The primary difference between using the TK 102B device and the TK 104 device type is that, with the latter, you get stop engine and start engine buttons.

A manual for the supported device is here: TK-104 Manual

The command for the stockade looks like this:


The commands to stop and start (resume) the engine via the relay are:


The shock command is:



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