Device Support

The range of cheap GSM SMS GPS tracker units out there is astounding and even looking at a unit it’s impossible to know what commands it will respond to. Identical looking units from different manufacturers or with different software revisions can require completely different SMS commands to operate them.

With this in mind the TKController app has a remote device configuration facility built in that allows the app to retrieve new device definitions from our web site as and when they become available. This is done automatically as a background process.

If your device isn’t currently supported or you would prefer a different set of commands to be available, contact us with the details, not forgetting a link to the manual for your device ! Every time we receive a user manual that device is added to the app and is available to all users within a day or so.

Below are the devices the app has a specific device type for, in many cases there are a range of models that use the same commands so this list is not a complete list of supported devices. For example, the TK 102 devices use the same command set as the TK 104, TK 105, TK 106 etc… from the same manufacturer.