TLT-2HThis was the first tracker that the app supported that deviated completely from the TK command set. The commands are not just variations on the TK command set but are unique to this device. It gave me a few headaches modifying the app to support it but, in so doing, it allowed the app to be more flexible for future devices.

It’s a good little device, especially for vehicle tracking (often sold as a motorbike tracker) as it’s waterproof, powered from 12v and has the ability to switch a relay that can be used to remote disable the vehicle.

It uses command numbers instead of words so 004 is used instead of stockade, for example.

The manual that I used for the device implementation is this one: TLT-2H Manual

Unlike the TK family of trackers, this one uses a circular geofence. The geofence command looks like this:

004+ user password E/Wddd.dddddN/Sdd.dddddRzzz.z

The “disable vehicle” command is a two stage process, requiring two different commands and this is reflected in the app’s button layout when this device type is selected.

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  1. Thanks for investing so much time in this project and making the app work on different devices. I am using the app with the TLT-2H tracker for some time now, works very well.
    Keep up the good work, Dave!

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