Deaohk TK102

This variation of the TK102 is the first one I’ve come across that doesn’t have a variable stockade feature. Or at least not according to the manual !

It has a simple move command that sets up a 200m stockade around the current position but that’s it.

I’ve implemented what commands I can for this device but it seems to rely quite heavily on using and reporting it’s position to a web site rather than sms. Currently there is a Track On/Off command that is experimental as it’s not really documented in the manual but may work… If you have one of these, please let me know if it works or not !

The manual also suggests that the shock alarm is an optional feature so may or may not work depending on your device firmware.

I’ve found a manual online, available at the link below which should help identify if this is your device…

Deaohk TK102