TK 102-2

tk102bI believe this is the Xexun unit. The commands are very similar to the TK-102B with enough subtle differences to make life awkward ! It looks, on the outside, identical to the TK-102B but comes from a different manufacturer and the command set seems to match those that are listed in the Xexun manuals.

The user manual for this device is available here: TK102-2 Manual

The obvious differences in the commands between this and the TK-102B are those for the geo fence and for the shock/movement sensing. Again the TK102 is only the “baby” of the range and the same commands are also used for versions of the TK103, TK104 and TK106 etc… The TK102-2 designation is, I believe, the Xexun original for the TK102B.

If your device manual shows the geo fence format as looking like this: (no space between coordinates, compared to TK-102B)


and the shock/shake command has a sensitivity option on the end:


Then this device type is probably the most compatible with your device.

2 thoughts on “TK 102-2”

  1. I have a TK-102 tracker. I turn it on and when I type and send an smslink+password command, often times it doesn’t respond. Do you guys know why that is?

    1. The most likely problem is a weak or variable phone signal or it might be that the tracker has lost the gps location. Some trackers will respond with a message to tell you that it’s lost the signal, others will just seem to ignore you !

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