WynnYeen GPS002

tk102bAnother variation of the TK-102 style device but with a unique command set that seems to have been created from scratch by WynnYeen. This device was not fully available in the app prior to the v1.3 release due to the command formats required.

The Geofence/stockade feature on this device uses a circular area with a radius rather than a rectangular area. It’s capabilities seem very similar to the Xexun TK 102-2 unit albeit that the SMS commands are completely different ! The geofence also includes a “time” element which may help reduce false alarms when the gps signal throws up a location glitch.

The manual for this unit is available here: GPS002 Manual

The SMS command for geo fencing for this unit looks like this:


the vibration/shock sensing command looks like this:

#vibrate#grade level#password#

I believe that, as with other TK 102 units, this manufacturer also produces versions of the TK 103, TK 104, TK 105 and TK 106 that use a similar command set and may well be compatible with this device setting.

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